Tesla’s Cybertruck arrives with 340-mile range and 845bhp

The Cybertruck has gone into production after deliveries were first promised to commence in 2021.

The first Tesla Cybertrucks have been delivered to customers, with the futuristic-looking model bringing a range of up to 340 miles and a claimed ability to be completely bulletproof.

Revealed at a customer delivery event where the initial models were handed to their new owners, the Cybertruck was first revealed in prototype form back in November 2019 where it was promised that production would begin.

The first production model was shown in July this year, but is only now that production has commenced in earnest with Tesla boss Elon Musk stating that “I think it’s our best product.”

Tesla claims that the Cybertruck will return up to 340 miles from a single charge, while a top-level tri-motor setup will deliver 845bhp and a 0-60mph time of 2.6 seconds. However, a regular version with ‘just’ 600bhp and two motors instead of three will also be available.

Photos: PA Media

Equipped with adaptive air suspension the Cybertruck is claimed to be ‘built for any planet’ while 35-inch all-terrain tyres and 17 inches of ground clearance should enable it to tackle larger obstacles. It also features locking differentials for even better capability off-road.  All-wheel-steering – which effectively helps to shorten its wheelbase – means that the Cybertruck should have a far smaller turning circle than a typical car of its size.

Its stainless steel exterior helps it to resist corrosion while Tesla says that this material is easy to repair with dents and low-level damage simple to sort. The shatter-resistant glass is said to be able to resist ‘the impact of a baseball at 70mph’, too.

The Cybertruck still remains unavailable to order fully, though customers can place a $100 (£77) deposit in order to reserve a build slot.

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