New Mercedes E-Class Estate arrives with more interior space and extra tech

Spacious new model gets a variety of features fitted as standard.

Mercedes has released its latest version of the E-Class Estate, bringing even more spaciousness to the practicality-focused model.

The E-Class has widened by 28mm over its predecessor, while the wheelbase has been extended by 22mm. Mercedes says that because of these extensions, the E-Class can offer more knee room for passengers sitting in the back, while elbow room has also increased.

When it comes to boot space, the 615 litres offered is slightly down on the 640 litres you would’ve found in the previous E-Class Estate, but it’s still more than you’ll find in rivals like the Audi A6 Avant and BMW 5 Series Touring, which offer 586 and 560 litres of boot space respectively. The luggage capacity of the E-Class can be increased to 1,830 litres by folding down the rear seats, too.

Plug-in hybrid versions also see a drop in boot capacity due to the fitment of the batteries, though it still stands at a respectable 460 litres and can be expanded to 1,675 litres by folding the rear seats down.

Photos: PA Media

The Estate also incorporates many of the design touches seen on other Mercedes models, such as the prominent front grille and sleek rear section which incorporates a chrome trim bar.

Inside, the E-Class can be equipped with Mercedes’ MBUX Superscreen setup alongside an optional front passenger screen. Mercedes has stated that in Europe, this secondary screen will allow passengers to watch television or stream internet videos. The driver, however, cannot see this content.

Mercedes has also confirmed that a number of third-party apps – such as Angry Birds, TikTok and Zoom – will be available to install and played via the car’s central screen.

All of the screens and systems within the new E-Class are powered by a single processor, rather than different ‘domains’ on the previous model. This helps to improve responsiveness and computer speed.

As with the updated E-Class saloon, the Estate will be sold with a number of petrol and diesel engines alongside a plug-in hybrid offering. Full prices and specifications are expected to be announced shortly.

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