Peugeot’s new 3008 to debut panoramic i-Cockpit

Wraparound system includes a 21-inch high-definition screen.

Peugeot has given an early look at a new panoramic version of its i-Cockpit system.

Due to debut on the new Peugeot 3008 which will arrive later this year, the system uses a 21-inch high-definition panoramic screen which ‘floats’ above the dashboard. It is coupled with Peugeot’s now-trademark compact steering wheel and touch-sensitive toggle switches.

It comes as Peugeot marks 10 years of its i-Cockpit setup, which has appeared in almost 10 million vehicles sold. It’s a system which has worked to put all key information ahead of the driver, while over the years has come to include newer features such as voice commands and 3D effects.

This new version combines the head-up display and a large central touchscreen which are now integrated into the curved panoramic screen. It’s all attached by a hidden rear mount which helps to give the whole system that ‘floating’ effect. It’s set off by LED lighting beneath the screen.

Photos: PA Media

Though it’s slightly curved towards the driver, Peugeot says that the screen is still ‘accessible’ for the passenger. On the left side of the screen you’ll find instrument displays for readouts such as speed and driving aids, while on the right side, there’s the conventional touchscreen section which relays navigation and media functions, among other features.

The central part of the dash also includes new i-Toggles, which are customisable touch-sensitive buttons that can be programmed so that they activate the owner’s favourite functions.

As on all cars with i-Cockpit, there’s a compact steering wheel which now includes buttons with ‘tactile clicking’ to make them easier to use on the move.

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