The DS E-Tense Performance is an 804bhp test bed for electric power

The concept car could hint at DS’s future electric vehicles.

This is the DS E-Tense Performance, a concept car designed to accelerate the French firm’s electric vehicle development.

It has been developed by DS Performance, the group behind the company’s title-winning Formula E team, and applies learnings from electric motorsport to road cars.

It’s powered by the Formula E race car powertrain, using twin electric motors that make 804bhp combined and an astonishing 8,000Nm of torque, with power sent to all four wheels.

All electric vehicles have regenerative braking systems that help slow the car and feed energy back into the battery, but the E-Tense’s system is so strong that DS claims the traditional braking system is only there as a safety back-up.

The battery pack is mounted in a central-rear position and is housed in a carbon-aluminium composite envelope. More interesting is the fact that DS has worked with external partners to develop ‘an innovative chemistry and an immersive cooling system for cells, at odds with current technology’.

Photos: PA Media

On top of the mechanical aspects, the concept’s styling also hints at future DS cars. For example, with no need for a traditional grille – electric vehicles don’t require the same cooling as internal combustion engine cars –  the E-Tense gets a configurable display instead.

This new ‘grille’ is flanked by the daytime running lights, which use 800 LEDs in a thin stripe.

Inside there’s a focus on performance, with a bucket seat and the steering wheel from the Formula E car. However, it is also said to be comfortable thanks to black leather inserts.

This is no show car, either. Although it will remain a one-off, its position as a development tool will be shown through testing by Formula E racers Jean-Éric Vergne and Antonio Felix da Costa. The pair will help finalise its development before testing it on road and track.

Although you can’t buy the physical car, DS is releasing four NFT series of the E-Tense Performance.

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