Fiat 500 style meets Google technology

Fiat and Google have come together in an exclusive collaboration, known as 500 Hey Google. It is the new special series of the New 500 Family, where Google Assistant technology meets the 500 and its world of coolness, design and iconic style for the first time ever.

This has resulted in the creation of the special series that, thanks to the integration of Mopar Connect services with Google Assistant in the “My Fiat” Action, enables customers to connect to their car even when they are away from it. Using their own voice, the owner can request and receive information on the car and to interact with it. They can do so via their smartphone or the Google Nest Hub, the smart display bundled with the Welcome Kit received when purchasing a car from 500 Family Hey Google, for user-friendly and innovative connectivity that can make what we do every day even easier.

One of the secrets of the Fiat 500’s success is that it remains always relevant. And now once again, the Hey Google special series offers a smart, user-friendly, intuitive solution, as democratic and inclusive as it always has been, as well as designed to make everyday life easier. The Hey Google special series takes one step further in the interaction with your car when you are not at the wheel.

Wherever you are, even from your sofa at home, all it takes is to say “Hey Google, ask My Fiat…” to find out, for example, where your car is parked, how much fuel is left, the location of the nearest authorised workshop or your mileage that day. You can also find out whether you have locked your car doors or have left the boot open.

In its interaction with Fiat’s Mopar Connect included in the New 500 Family Hey Google, the Google Assistant not only provides all the information you need on the services to keep your vehicle status under control, find your car’s location and monitor the mileage driven – a service also useful for fleet managers, it can also send commands such as locking and unlocking the doors or blinking the emergency lights.

With the My Fiat Action, staying connected to your car has never been so easy: it can always be controlled with your voice on your smartphone or on Google Nest smart speakers and displays.

Photos: Fiat

With the My Fiat Action you can also activate notifications to be sent to your smartphone if the car leaves a preset area, or even if the car is driven at a higher speed than the preset limit.

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