New Ford Puma debuts with fresh look and interior upgrades

Ford has updated its Puma crossover, introducing a new exterior design and an upcoming fully electric version.

The look of the Puma now features a number of tweaks and changes, with the most obvious update being the positioning of the Ford badge within the front grille, rather than on the ‘nose’ as before. Around the back, the changes are far more minimal with the new Puma closely resembling its predecessor in this area.

It’s inside where things have been really altered, however. There’s now a 12.0-inch central display, which is combined with a 12.8-inch digital instrument cluster. They’re both larger than the ones you would’ve found on the previous Puma, too.

The infotainment system runs Ford’s latest Sync 4 software, too, while both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard, as is wireless smartphone charging.

Photos: PA Media

The Puma also features Amazon’s Alexa service built in, so that drivers can ask different questions via this on-board voice assistant. Ford has also added a redesigned sliding armrest and a two-spoke steering wheel to the Puma’s interior while at the back it retains its predecessor’s clever MegaBox, which provides 80 litres via a clever underboot storage area.

A new intelligent adaptive cruise control system enables the car to stop and brake by itself and it can even detect curves in the road and adjust the speed accordingly. Drivers will need to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, however.

All versions of the Puma use some form of Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost Hybrid engine, ranging in power from 123bhp in the ‘standard’ car to 168bhp in the performance ST variant. Ford has already announced that a fully electric version of the Puma – called Puma GEN-E – will be revealed later on this year.

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