This one-off Polestar 2 ‘Arctic Circle’ edition is designed to tackle the worst of winter

Polestar has created a one-off version of its ‘2’ electric vehicle to demonstrate its capability in snowy conditions.

Called ‘Arctic Circle’, it’s the brainchild of the firm’s chief chassis engineer Joakim Rydholm, and has been designed to be a fun celebration of what the firm’s electric vehicle is capable of in sub-zero conditions.

It’s based on a Polestar 2 Long Range dual motor model with the Performance Pack, but has received several specific tweaks.

For example, it has seen its ride height increase 30mm, while its performance figures have been raised to an impressive 462bhp and 680Nm of torque. Custom-made 19-inch alloy wheels are fitted with winter tyres, each of which has 490 metal studs to bite into the snow.

Photos: PA Media

The suspension system includes three-way performance Ohlins dampers specifically tuned for this car with 30 per cent softer springs. The standard four-piston Brembo front brakes remain.

Rydholm is a rally driver in his spare time and it was this discipline that gave inspiration for the exterior design, with the OZ Racing rally wheels, four Stedi Quad Pro LED front lights and a unique exterior livery in matte grey and white. Inside, there are custom-upholstered Recaro front bucket seats.

Rydholm said: “Tuning a chassis on snow and ice allows us to develop our cars in what feels like slow motion and with better accuracy.

“With such low levels of grip, we can feel and analyse the dynamics at a much slower pace than on tarmac, which means we can really fine-tune the way our cars behave, down to the smallest details. This is my absolute favourite place to develop cars.

“I wanted to have more fun than usual with this car – really being able to push it in terms of performance and handling in a winter environment like a frozen lake.”

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