Lexus LF-Z concept hints at firm’s future EV design direction

Lexus has unveiled its LF-Z Electrified, a concept showcasing what the firm’s upcoming electric vehicles could look like.

Utilising a dedicated EV platform, the LF-Z has all-wheel-drive and an electric motor producing 536bhp and 700Nm of torque. Lexus says that it’ll achieve the 0-60mph sprint in under three seconds and top out at 124mph. Despite this impressive performance, the LF-Z is said to return up to 373 miles of range from its 90kWh battery. Lexus says it can be charged at speeds of up to 150kW, too.

The interior – or cockpit, according to Lexus – is inspired by the relationship between a horse and rider, with key switches located on the steering wheel or ‘reigns’. The main instrument panel is located low in the car, too, which helps to create a ‘refreshing sense of openness’, according to Lexus, while a glass panoramic roof extends the feeling of airiness. Crafted from electrochromatic glass, it can be dimmed when required, too.

Photos: PA Media

All driver information readouts are contained in a singular module, while the driving system controls are all located around the steering wheel.

The LF-Z also incorporates artificial intelligence, with voice recognition helping the car to ‘learn’ a driver’s habits. It can easily suggest optimal driving routes, for instance, and even provide information about the destination.

A digital key also allows family and friends to gain access to the car without the need for a physical key. In addition, the car can be unlocked and locked via a smartphone app, while the doors themselves incorporate an ‘E-Latch’ system that allows the retractable door handles to automatically pop out when the driver approaches. In addition, sensors on the vehicle monitor the area and can detect an oncoming vehicle or cyclist, making exiting the car safer.

Though just a concept for now, the LF-Z is being used to highlight some of the design and technology features that could appear on future Lexus models.

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