Special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior celebrates arrival of new Bond film

A limited-edition version of The Little Car Company’s Aston Martin DB5 Junior has been created to commemorate the arrival of the new James Bond movie No Time To Die in cinemas.

Built in collaboration with EON Productions, the DB5 Junior incorporates all manner of accurate features, such as Smiths instruments, individually numbered chassis plates and iconic ‘Silver Birch’ paint.

Limited to just 125 cars, the accurate recreation was made thanks to a 3D scan of an original Aston Martin DB5, allowing for the scale model to be faithful to the full-size car. Some elements, however, were brought up to date for the Junior version; the fuel gauge, for instance, shows how much battery the electric powertrain has left, while the oil temperature now monitors the motor temperature. It features a range of up to 80 miles, too.

Though the DB5 used by James Bond is a hard top, the Junior has been designed as a convertible in order to allow adults and children to sit beside one another. The DB5 also features a quick-release steering wheel for easy entry and exit, while high-performance Brembo brakes provide plenty of stopping power. It also uses Bilstein dampers and coilover springs to ensure a smooth ride.

Photos: PA Media

However, any Bond car isn’t ready to go unless it has been fitted with gadgets. And, fittingly, the DB5 Junior has been kitted out with an array of features – all designed in miniature. Oscar-winning special effects supervisor Chris Corbould OBE – who has worked on 15 James Bond films since the 1980s – consulted with The Little Car Company on the creation of the car’s gadgets, which are all operated by control hidden in a secret panel in the passenger door.

A twin set of simulated Gatling guns – including imitation barrel blasts and flashes – can be activated at the push of a button, while a smoke screen can be deployed through the rear exhaust. A supplied tank provides an hour of safe smoke before requiring a top-up.

Though not road legal, the purchase of a DB5 Junior includes an automatic membership into the Aston Martin Owners Club. Existing Aston Martin DB5 Junior owners will be given first refusal of this Bond version, with the remaining build slots given on a first-come, first-served basis.

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