Porsche Taycan updated for 2022 with longer range and more personalisation options

Porsche has announced new updates to its electric Taycan, giving a longer range and a host of new colour options.

Applying to both the Taycan four-door and Cross Turismo estate model, Porsche promises a greater real-world electric range thanks to various tweaks.

In ‘Normal’ and ‘Range’ driving modes, the front electric motor is almost entirely decoupled, while the electric motors essentially switch off when the car is coasting or at a standstill.

These tweaks maximise the efficiency of the model, though Porsche says the models won’t be retested, and therefore the claimed range of up to 301 miles will remain the same as before on paper.

Changes to the thermal management of the car also mean the Taycan’s battery can be heated to a higher temperature than before, and means faster charging is now possible.

Photos: PA Media

Other updates include the addition of Android Auto smartphone mirroring for the first time, while another new piece of tech introduced is ‘Remote Park Assist’, which lets Taycan owners use their smartphone to park the car without even having to be in it.

But arguably the most noticeable change to the updated Taycan models is the addition of a comprehensive ‘Paint to Sample’ colour palette.

In addition to the 17 colours already available, buyers can now choose from an additional 65 shades – including classic colours like Rubystar (pink) and Acid Green. Porsche can go a step further, though – if a customer has a certain item or colour that they like (an item of clothing, for example), this can be perfectly matched as a one-off shade.

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