Czinger reveals production-spec 21°C supercar with 1,232bhp

Czinger has shared images and details of its production-ready 21°C supercar.

It has a revolutionary design and construction process, with each component designed using computational engineering and some built using 3D printing.

Starting with the headline statistics, the 21°C has a mid-mounted, 2.9-litre flat crank V8 petrol engine with twin-turbochargers, as well as two electric motors, each powering a front wheel.

The total powertrain output is 1,233bhp with a 100bhp upgrade available, contributing to a top speed of 281mph in low-drag optimisation mode. The 0-60mph time is said to be less than two seconds, while the sprint to 186mph takes just 13.8 seconds.

Photos: PA Media

It has a seven-speed automated manual transmission, and is designed to use a range of fuels, including sustainably sourced ‘e-fuels’ that would allow it to effectively run as a zero-emission vehicle.

Designed and built in Los Angeles, the 21°C uses a patented production system, which includes automated AI-based design and optimisation software that ensures each component is as light as possible while also meeting performance parameters.

Czinger also uses ‘additive manufacturing processes’, more commonly referred to as 3D printing. It says this allows it to optimise parts in ways other manufacturers can’t. For example, the front upper control arm is hollow to reduce weight.

Buyers can choose between two specifications: high downforce or low drag.

Just 80 examples of the Czinger 21°C will be built, with the firm previously confirming that this would be the first of a series of performance cars using its proprietary design and construction process.

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