What to expect from the Tokyo Motor Show

There are set to be some big entries to this year’s event.

This year’s Japan Mobility Show – which is often referred to as the Tokyo Motor Show – looks set to deliver some very exciting new models. It’s usually a great event for wild and wacky concepts, but this year’s show also has some ‘core’ new additions which could be on our roads very soon.

But what are the key cars to look out for and what do you need to know about them? Let’s take a look.

Photos: PA Media

Honda Sustaina C

One of Honda’s main offerings at this year’s show is the dinky Sustaina C. It’s very close in design to the road-going Honda e, but has been used as a way of showing the future of sustainable materials.

As a result, it’s made from recyclable acrylic resin which would make reusing the car at the end of its life much easier than with a ‘normal’ car. There’s also the two-seater CI-MEV making its world premiere at this year’s show, with this model showcasing a future last-mile mobility option.

Mazda MX-5 Electric

Though we’ve yet to see it in full, there’s good information to suggest that Mazda will be previewing a future electric version of its ever-popular MX-5 roadster at this year’s show. It’ll represent a big move for Mazda which has, up until this point, resisted electrified powertrains for its sporty soft-top.

Expect a typically lightweight approach from Mazda but wrapped up in a very futuristic design.

Nissan Concepts

You might notice a trend at this year’s show – rather than single models, most manufacturers have released a series of concepts which give an indication of their future directions. Nissan is one such car maker and it has a number of cool-looking concepts heading to Tokyo.

There’s the go-anywhere Hyper Adventure Concept, the spacious Hyper Tourer Concept, the compact Hyper Urban and the striking Hyper Punk. Some will be shown in physical form and others via digital means.

Suzuki Concepts

Suzuki is also taking a multi-pronged approach to its appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show. There’s a very square EWX which has more than a hint of Nissan’s iconic Cube, and the electric eVX which has a 60kWh battery enabling a range of up to 342 miles.

A very important model at this year’s show is the latest generation of Swift, which is one of Suzuki’s most popular cars in the UK.

Toyota Concepts

Toyota has a number of innovative concepts being displayed at the Tokyo show, too. There’s the FT-Se, which could hint towards a future electric performance car from Toyota’s GR arm and is claimed to return up to 497 miles from a single charge.

The FT-3e, meanwhile, is a more conventional electric SUV while the new Land Cruiser Se points towards a future battery-powered version of the firm’s iconic off-roader.

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