Ferrari shares first images of 819bhp 812 Superfast special edition

A special edition Ferrari 812 Superfast is on the way, boasting the most powerful V12 ever fitted to one of the firm’s road cars.

The new model is described as ‘the ultimate expression of Ferrari’s concept of an extreme front-engined berlinetta’, designed to bring the firm’s race track knowhow to this high-performance model.

The highlight of this as-yet-unnamed supercar is likely to be the engine, which is the latest evolution of Ferrari’s iconic V12 boasting 819bhp and a 9,500rpm redline – the highest of any Ferrari engine.

To get more performance from the engine, Ferrari has redesigned many of the key components as well as fitting a new valve timing mechanism and new exhaust.

Photos: PA Media

Updates are not confined to the engine, though, with the 812 Superfast getting four-wheel-steering to improve agility. It has also seen extensive use of lightweight carbon-fibre inside and out to bring the weight down, as well as being the first car to get version 7.0 of Ferrari’s famed Side Slip Control vehicle dynamics system.

One of the most striking updates is the aerodynamic rework of the exterior to increase downforce, with new front air intakes, rear diffuser, exhaust configuration and vortex generators in the rear screen among the most prominent.

Aside from the increased use of carbon-fibre, the interior is very similar to the regular 812 Superfast’s cabin. However, weight saving updates and a new ‘H-gate’ theme on the transmission tunnel are aimed at giving it a ‘sportier, more modern edge’.

The full specification – as well as the model’s name – will be revealed on May 5.

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