Ford Mustang is best-selling sports car for second year in a row

For the second straight year, Ford Mustang – which celebrated its 57th birthday on Saturday, April 17 – is the world’s best-selling sports car. The iconic performance model also retained its title of best-selling sports coupe for the sixth straight year.

Led by a surge in sales of high-performance variants including Bullitt, Mustang led all competitors with 80,577 global sales in 2020, according to the most recent vehicle registration data from IHS Markit. That sales total represents 15.1 per cent of the sports coupe market, up from 14.8 per cent a year earlier.

“Mustang enthusiasts love their performance cars, and they showed that yet again,” said Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer, Ford Motor Company. “In a challenging year for the entire auto industry because of the global pandemic, Mustang performed very well, increasing its share in the global sports car segment.”

Photos: Ford

Sales of the high-performance Bullitt model and the Shelby variants offered in markets including the United States were up 52.7 per cent in 2020 from a year earlier, according to Ford internal data.

Helping Mustang retain its title as top-selling sports car were increased sales in several European markets. According to Ford internal data, 2020 sales in Hungary were up 68.8 per cent over 2019; sales in the Netherlands (38.5 per cent), Denmark (12.5 per cent), the Czech Republic (5.6 per cent) and Austria (4 per cent) all increased.

Ford sold 7,000 Mustangs in Europe in 2020, and has now sold almost 60,000 since the sports car first went on sale across the region in 2014. The United States remains the strongest global market for Mustang, representing about three-quarters of total sales.

Ford looks to continue its success with limited-edition models with the new, track-ready Mustang Mach 1. The best-handling Mustang ever sold in Europe offers a suite of performance enhancements and unique design that recalls the iconic Mach 1 Mustangs of the 1960s and 1970s, with deliveries to customers in Europe beginning soon.

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