GoTo gets to 20,000 subscribers

GoTo Malta has now reached a total of 20,000 subscribers, the eco-friendly shared mobility operator has announced.

Launched in Malta in late 2018, GoTo has revolutionised Malta’s transport network by offering sustainable, affordable and convenient travel alternatives through its exclusive fleet of shared electric cars and scooters. The multi-modal vehicle sharing provider has fast gained popularity on the island through its One-Way and Roundtrip services, all accessible via one membership and user-friendly app.

“We feel proud that we have now managed to reach 20,000 subscribers since our launch in Malta just over two years ago,” said GoTo chief marketing officer Johnny Tominaga.

“This latest achievement is testament to the GoTo team’s dedication and determination to constantly improve the service we offer our customers. It encourages us to work even harder towards our future goals.”

The new milestone is part of an overall period of growth particularly over the past year at GoTo. As well as expanding its multi-modal fleet, the vehicle sharing platform also ensured its full range of services met the ever-rising reservation figures following the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, it helped the wider community through the challenging time by supporting local businesses and the life-changing work of charities such as the Malta Red Cross and the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation with vehicles and manpower.

“Our contribution as a transportation service was also important throughout the COVID-19 crisis,” added Tominaga. “It offered Malta’s commuters a convenient travel option that gave them full control over whether they would drive alone or with other passengers. We made sure that our customers had the extra peace of mind of driving a shared vehicle that was regularly and thoroughly cleaned and followed all government protocols regarding the pandemic.

“Looking ahead, at GoTo we are keeping positive about the company’s performance in 2021 as we look towards increasing our subscriber numbers even further. We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline,” Tominaga added.

More information about GoTo can be found at The GoTo app is available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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