Peugeot unveils new logo as brand seeks to continue upmarket

Peugeot has become the latest car firm to update its logo for the digital age, with the brand’s iconic ‘Lion’ getting a modern makeover.

Said to help the brand with its ‘revival’ and ‘prepare it for the decades ahead’, the new Peugeot emblem scraps the old lion and in place is a Lion’s head wrapped in a coat of arms, accompanied by a new font. To help with the firm’s digitalisation, it’s also a ‘flat logo’, with a 2D design that can be applied at different angles.

Linda Jackson, the recently announced CEO of Peugeot and formerly at Citroen, said: “This is the new face of Peugeot, for tomorrow, for the future. It’s a future in which we have unshakeable confidence as we offer customers a unique and unparalleled quality experience.”

With Peugeot heading more upmarket in recent years – as seen with models like the 508 and 3008 – Jackson said that the cars were the first part of moving the brand further up the ranks, and that the rebranding is the second part.

The French firm is the latest car firm to alter their logos for a digital age, with similar changes being announced by Volkswagen, Kia and Vauxhall in recent years.

Peugeot said it would be launching a new website as part of the rebranding, and would begin changing the logos in its dealers in the coming weeks, with the redesign set to be complete by 2023.

The brand’s new Ford Focus-rivalling 308 hatchback is due to be the first Peugeot to benefit from the logo, with the new car set to be unveiled on March 18 ahead of sales beginning later in the year.

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