Valletta Concours 2024

‘Art meets Art’

On Sunday, June 2, the Valletta Concours took centre stage in St George’s Square, Valletta. This annual event, fueled by a collective love for art, Valletta’s rich history, and vintage and classic cars, unfolded amidst the grandeur of the city’s baroque architecture.

The Concours d’Elegance was more than just a spectacle of vintage and classic cars; it was a homage to the rich heritage of Valletta. As part of the Concours, a Collective Art Exhibition added an extra layer of charm to the classic car event. Centered around the theme ‘Valletta and Classic Cars,’ this week-long exhibition showcased the creative talents of sixteen local and foreign artists. Their artworks depicted various facets of Valletta’s landscape intertwined with the allure of classic automobiles. Their creations adorned the walls of Saint Dominic Hall at the Kings Own Club, offering a glimpse into the soul of the city. A thrilling Live Painting session took place during the Concours D’Elegance, where artists competed to capture the essence of the Concours in real-time.

On Sunday, the Valletta Concours stood as a testament to distinction, unmatched in Malta. Sixty-five meticulously preserved classic cars graced St George’s Square, each telling a story of elegance, history, and authenticity. From the sleek curves of Jaguars to the timeless allure of Rolls Royce cars, these automotive treasures stood as testaments to a bygone era.

At the heart of it all was the judging panel, led by the esteemed Jeremy Jackson-Sytner. With an eye for originality and authenticity, they meticulously assessed each car, honouring the dedication of their owners to preserving automotive history. Among the distinguished panel of judges were internationally renowned figures, including legendary car designers Peter Stevens and Harm Lagaay. These luminaries were joined by marque experts, motoring journalists, and organisers of world-class concours events, such as Wheels at the Palace in the Netherlands and the Sydney Concours.

Their collective expertise and discerning eye for automotive excellence ensured that each vehicle was meticulously evaluated, setting the standards for elegance, authenticity, and historical significance in the world of classic cars. With such esteemed individuals at the helm, the judging process was a testament to the passion and dedication of the global automotive community.

The categories were diverse, from Elegance to Preservation, Pre-war Class, Post-war Class, Jaguar Class, Porsche Class, Popular Classic Class, Sports Car Class, and Super Car Class, each showcasing the diversity of automotive excellence. And for the first time, classic motorcycles and pedal cars joined the fray, adding a new dimension to the competition.

Participants from around the globe, including India, Japan, Germany, and Italy, added an international flair to the competition, joining local enthusiasts in showcasing their prized classic cars. The Valletta Concours became a melting pot of automotive excellence, with entrants from diverse cultural backgrounds vying for top honors.

Among the winners, the coveted title of Best in Show was awarded to the exceptional Rolls Royce Phantom 1 17EX, proudly owned by Yohan Poonawalla. This magnificent vehicle, which graced St George’s Square, captured the hearts of judges and spectators alike with its unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship.

Such stellar performances from international competitors not only elevated the prestige of the Valletta Concours but also set a new standard of excellence unseen before in Malta. Their participation underscored the event’s growing reputation as a premier destination for classic car enthusiasts from around the world.

The prestigious Best Restoration Award found its deserving recipient in the meticulous hands of local restorer Arch. Chris Cachia. His dedication and attention to detail were evident in every inch of the restored classic car, earning admiration from judges and enthusiasts alike.

The Valletta Concours proudly showcased the fruits of its labour, achieving its mission to elevate the standard of car restoration in Malta. The success stories of local participants venturing abroad last year, to compete in renowned events like Pebble Beach in the USA and concours in the Netherlands served as undeniable proof of the Concours’ impact. Watching Maltese entrants triumph among world-class competition highlighted the growing recognition of Malta’s automotive restoration prowess on the global stage.

But the Concours wasn’t just for enthusiasts; it was for everyone who cherished art, history, and nostalgia. A Retro Clothing Competition welcomed participants from all walks of life, inviting them to showcase their finest attire and become part of the living tapestry of the event.

As the day came to an end, a sense of camaraderie filled the air. Awards were bestowed, accolades given, but above all, memories were made. For in that fleeting moment, the Valletta Concours became more than just an event; it became a timeless ode to the beauty of the past.

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