Here’s everything you need to know about Tesla’s Cybertruck

The big, square and battery-powered Cybertruck has got people talking – but why has it sparked conversation in the first place?

Tesla’s Cybertruck got people talking from the moment it was first released. Looking like something from a dystopian future, the Cybertruck arrived on the scene with some big promises relating to its range and capability.

But what are the key features you need to know about this larger-than-life EV? Let’s take a look.

When did the Cybertruck first arrive?

Tesla’s Cybertruck was first unveiled back in November 2019, arriving as the brand’s first electric pick-up truck. At the time, Tesla said that the Cybertruck had “more utility than a truck, with more performance than a sports car”.

It also made use of a variety of space-age materials which were shown off during its launch.

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What was the launch like?

Held in Los Angeles, California, the Cybertruck’s launch was awash with social media-sparking demonstrations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk proceeded to showcase the new truck’s ruggedness with a series of tests, including asking Tesla head of design Franz von Holzhausen to hit the side of the Cybertruck with a sledgehammer.

However, one of the most talked-about moments came when von Holzhausen was asked to throw a metal ball at one of the Cybertruck’s supposedly bulletproof windows – and the metal sphere smashed the glass in an instant. At the time, Musk said that there was ‘room for improvement’.

What did the Cybertruck promise?

At launch, the Tesla said that the Cybertruck would deliver a range of up to 500 miles from a single charge while certain versions would complete the 0-60mph dash in just 2.9 seconds, making it speedier than a lot of the most powerful supercars.

Now in production, some of those claims have been backed up. The official production Cybertruck is accompanied by a 0-60mph of 2.6 seconds while the range has taken a bit of a hit with Tesla claiming up to 340 miles between charges.

How big is the Cybertruck?

The Cybertruck is a very large vehicle. It comes in at 5,681mm long, 2,199mm wide and 1,790mm tall. For comparison, a current-generation Range Rover is 5,052mm long, 2,047mm wide and 1,870mm tall.

It does mean that parking in a conventional UK parking space will prove a challenge, given that the standard parking space size here is 4,800mm.

What is it made from?

The Cybertruck utilises a variety of clever materials which make it both look and feel quite different from anything else. The exterior stainless steel ‘exoskeleton’ – as Tesla calls it – is meant to be damage and corrosion-resistant, and easy to repair, too.

The glass is shatter-resistant and is said to be able to ‘resist the impact of a baseball at 70mph’. The large rear bed opens up electrically, while there’s a separate storage area in the ‘nose’ of the truck.

Could people order one right away?

When the Cybertruck was launched, interested parties were initially asked to place a $100 non-refundable deposit. However, this was upped to a $250 refundable deposit as a way to secure a build slot.

During Tesla’s 2019 Q3 investor call, CEO Elon Musk said that over a million people had placed a deposit for a Cybertruck.

When did the Cybertruck enter production?

The Cybertruck was marred with delays, with the first production model rolling off the line in July 2023 despite Tesla promising that it would launch in 2021. It is believed that the Cybertruck’s complex design – as well as supply chain issues – were key reasons behind the truck’s significant delay.

The Cybertruck is built at Tesla’s ‘Giga Texas’ factory near Austin, where the firm also produces its Model Y crossover. The first customer models were handed over to their new owners in a special presentation at the Texas factory in November 2023, with Musk hosting the entire affair while showcasing the truck’s abilities.

Will the Cybertruck come to Europe?

Though available for purchase in America, the Cybertruck – as for now – can’t be ordered in Europe in general.

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