Nissan kick-starts series of concept car reveals ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

Its first model, the Hyper Urban, puts a particular focus on sustainability

Nissan has revealed the first in a number of new concept car reveals that are being shown ahead of this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

A particularly important event for Japanese carmakers, the Tokyo Motor Show is often used to show off a range of radical concepts. This year’s show will be no different, with Nissan revealing its first show car – the Hyper Urban concept.

Nissan says this model is targeted at ‘urban-based professionals’ and puts a particular focus on environmental sustainability. Equipped with technologies such as vehicle-to-home (V2H), which allows the car’s electricity to be used to power a home and take the pressure off the grid.

It also features a ‘vehicle-to-grid’ (V2G) function, whereby the car can contribute surplus power directly to the grid. This is all courtesy of a charging management system that can ‘autonomously charge vehicles and power buildings’.

The futuristic concept car is designed to be kept by its owner for a long period of time, and thanks to regular updates, allows for a ‘fresh ownership experience over many years’. Nissan says its interior can be refreshed with the latest technologies, while a new instrument panel can be fitted.

Photos: PA Media

Design highlights of the Hyper Urban include front and rear scissor doors (a typical concept car feature), while inside the front seats can ‘collapse’ and fold away into the back seats, to create a sofa-like seating area.

The Hyper Urban is one of four concept cars that will be shown ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan says the concepts ‘embody the company’s unwavering dedication to enriching people’s lives and to revolutionise the electric vehicle landscape with transformative products and technologies’.

The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off on October 25, with all the concepts set to be shown together at the event. Further important reveals are expected from Honda and Suzuki too.

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