New McLaren 750S brings added performance and lower weight

New V8-powered supercar replaces the successful 720S.

McLaren has unveiled a replacement for the hugely successful 720S supercar – the 750S.

Arriving as the lightest and most powerful series-production McLaren, the 750S brings more power than its predecessor and a greater focus on driving fun than before.

Things are centred around the same 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 petrol engine as you’d find in the 720S, but power has been increased by 22bhp to 740bhp, while total torque stands at 800Nm.

As a result, 0-60mph will take just 2.7 seconds in both coupe and Spider versions, while flat-out both models will manage a top speed of 206mph. In fact, the coupe will race from zero to 124mph in just 7.2 seconds.

Thanks to revised materials, the 750S is also 30kg lighter than the 720S with a dry weight of 1,277kg. Carbon-fibre racing seats included as standard help with the weight-shedding measures, while the new 10-spoke lightweight forged wheels save 13.8kg. Even the windscreen glass, which is thinner than before, helps reduce weight by 1.6kg.

A front track widened by 6mm helps to improve grip, too, while the hydraulic steering system has a faster ratio and a new power-assistance pump. A new nose-lift system reduces the operating time to four seconds – over the ten seconds of the 720S – which means you can quickly and easily raise the nose of the car to navigate speed bumps.

Photos: PA Media

The exterior has been revised with a new lower nose section, an extended front splitter and new rear wheelarch vents while the carbon-fibre rear wing has been lengthened. In the middle of the rear sits a new centre-exit exhaust which, McLaren states, takes inspiration from the one fitted to the P1 hypercar.

Inside, there have been some big changes. There’s a new driver display – which takes many cues from the new Artura hybrid – which has controls for both the powertrain and handling modes on either side. It means that the driver can easily cycle through different settings without having to take their hands away from the wheel.

A new central screen offers Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring, too, while both the rearview and surround-view parking cameras have been made clearer than before.

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