British Motor Show to be ‘greenest car show ever’ through use of sustainable fuels

The British Motor Show 2022 will be ‘the greenest ever event of its type’ thanks to the use of sustainable fuels.

Organisers have teamed up with Coryton Advanced Fuels to ensure that all vehicles within the show will run on advanced biofuels made from agricultural waste.

While most of the car industry is pressing ahead with phasing out combustion engines and switching to electrified transport, the use of sustainable fuels has been increasing in popularity in recent years.

These fuels, which are also known as synthetic or eFuels, are essentially no different in their basic makeup to the diesel or petrol that comes from crude oil. However, they are produced from renewable sources so their emissions are carbon neutral.

The other benefit is that they can be used in existing combustion-engined cars without any adaptation needed.

Coryton’s ‘Sustain’ brand will be the official fuels partner of this year’s British Motor Show, and will supply all of the petrol and diesel used at the event, including everything from passenger shuttle buses to vehicles used in the live test drives.

The British Motor Show CEO Andy Entwistle said: “While electricity is an option for more motorists than ever, many of us want to make a difference now.

Photos: PA Media

“The beauty of Coryton’s solution is that while the fuel emits carbon, it only emits what it takes out of the atmosphere in the process of it being refined, thus neutralising the overall carbon output.

“By using it in our own vehicles, we want to create a show with minimal carbon output and show that combustion-engined cars can be environmentally friendly right now, especially for those who cherish their classic cars or cannot yet afford a new EV.”

Andrew Willson, Coryton’s CEO, added: “As a company we’re committed to creating world-leading sustainable fuels, raising the profile of these options and helping people to understand the impact they could have on reducing carbon emissions in the immediate future.”

On top of the partnership with Coryton, the British Motor Show says it will be offsetting visitors’ carbon footprint as well as promoting advanced fuels and electric vehicles to showgoers.

The event takes place on August 18-21 at Farnborough International.

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