BMW demonstrates how it’s making the i7 luxury electric car extra quiet inside

One of the biggest advantages to electric vehicles is that the motor is silent, making driving more peaceful.

Along with their punchy performance and low running costs, the quietness makes electric motors particularly appealing to the luxury car segment.

However, one of the problems facing EV manufacturers is the fact that, without an internal combustion engine, there’s nothing to cover any vibrations or rattles in the cabin.

In the luxury car segment, where silence and refinement is key, this is even more important – and now BMW has shared details of the ways in which it is improving refinement for the forthcoming i7.

The German firm says that the level of well-being in a car’s interior is largely down to how many disturbing noises can be removed. There are a variety of potential noise sources and currently the i7 is undergoing acoustic testing to pinpoint them.

Photos: PA Media

A test centre is specially designed so that engineers can recreate sounds they hear whilst on the road, meaning they can find the source and work on a way to eliminate it. Furthermore, noise from the electric motor is ironed out, for example through new mounts.

This test facility is a climate-controlled room that allows BMW to recreate global environmental conditions that could be faced by the vehicle. This also allows it to test the sound from the heating and ventilation systems, which is particularly useful when running at very high or low temperatures.

For those who would like some ‘engine noise’, BMW has worked with movie composer Hans Zimmer to create a futuristic soundscape based on speed, acceleration and deceleration.

One of the ways that occupants are shielded from sounds in the outside world is insulation and sound absorption materials in areas such as the pillars, seats and roof liner, while the glass has been treated to keep unwanted noise out, too.

The i7 is yet to be fully revealed, but in these acoustic testing shots we’re given one of our best looks yet at its proportions, despite the camouflage paint job. A bold, upright front end is particularly noticeable, with chunky side sills likely necessitated by the big battery in the floor.

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