Is the Porsche 4S Taycan Cross Turismo the EV for all occasions?

Porsche’s Taycan has proved to be a real hit – but can this Cross Turismo extend that popularity further? JACK EVANS finds out.

Porsche’s electric Taycan has had an almost immediate impact. In fact, Porsche sold more Taycans during 2021 than its 911 sports car – a vehicle that lies at the very heart of this brand. It shows just how quickly the adoption of electric vehicles is moving and also proves that there’s a definite appetite for sports car with battery power.

There’s the option of either regular or rugged Cross Turismo models, too, which only broadens its appeal. Today, we’re looking at the 4S Cross Turismo, which promises to bring a blend of high performance but also usable electric range.

The Taycan line-up is now quite varied. You’ve got the entry-level version which brings just over 400bhp, right the way up to the 752bhp Turbo S. You can also specify it in either standard saloon, rugged Cross Turismo or road-going but more practical Sport Turismo bodystyles.

Photos: PA Media

The Cross Turismo, which we’re looking at here, benefits from an increase in ride height over the regular Taycan, as well as a dedicated ‘Gravel’ mode designed to help it tackle loose surfaces. Plus, there are a smattering of exterior body trims which gives the Taycan a more rugged, go-anywhere look.

The Taycan uses a dual-motor setup, with one mounted on each axle to give all-wheel-drive. In the 4S, these motors combine to produce 483bhp or 563bhp with an overboost function activated during the car’s launch control. Thanks to this, it’ll manage the 0-60mph sprint in a shade under four seconds and carry on to a top speed of 149bhp.

Despite this performance, the Taycan offers plenty of range with Porsche claiming up to 277 miles in between charges. It’s also capable of seriously rapid charging, which could see the battery taken from 10 to 80 per cent in around 25 minutes. Hooked up to a 7.4kW home charger you’re looking at a full charge in around 11 hours.

There are few cars capable of convincing you about the future of electric sports cars quite like the Taycan. The fundamentals are excellent, just as they are in nearly all Porsche models; the seating position is nice and low while the thin-rimmed steering wheel has loads of adjustability. The well-judged ride means that, for most of the time, you drive the Taycan at a speed that belies its sub-four second 0-60mph time. It’s quite happy just pootling around, in truth.

But if you’re after sports car thrills they’re certainly there. There’s huge straight-line performance, of course, but this is backed by effortlessly direct steering and wonderfully taught body control. Could you take this Cross Turismo off some serious off-road trials? No. But it’ll manage gravel routes with ease, should you need it to.

To our eyes, the Taycan Cross Turismo is one of the coolest-looking cars on sale today. Even against the regular Taycan which in itself is a striking car, the Cross Turismo looks fantastic from each angle, with plenty of neat design touches dotted around the exterior of the car.

The full-width light bar at the rear looks great at night, while the front headlights which merge into the side ‘blades’ give the whole car an even more futuristic aesthetic. The chunky plastic mouldings on this Cross Turismo are excellent, too, but if you’re not such a fan but still want that estate car-like stance, then the Sport Turismo is the one for you.

The Taycan’s interior showcases the best of what Porsche has to offer. It’s a great combination of screens and traditional materials, with leather blending seamlessly in with glass and metal. But this Cross Turismo builds on things by adding to the Taycan’s practicality levels, offering more headroom in the rear than the standard car as well as a plentiful amount of boot space. In fact, there are 446 litres as standard, though this can be increased by folding down the rear seats.

The Taycan also benefits from an extra 84 litres of storage space in the ‘nose’. Everything in the cabin feels beautifully put together, with plenty of care and attention put into button location and ergonomics. There are even well-sized cupholders in the middle of the front armrest.

All cars come with Porsche’s full infotainment system as well as Apple CarPlay integration and a 10-speaker sound system. It’s worth noting that, as with all Porsches, it’s easy to go a little crazy with the configurator and quickly bump the car’s price up; our test car came with a smattering of options and nosed just under £103,000. We’d advise going reasonably steady with the extras if you’re wanting to keep the car’s price down.

The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo feels like a car designed to convince those who aren’t sure about the future of performance cars that electric powertrains have things covered. It’s more than quick enough but brings a decent amount of electric range, while its good charging speed and well-made cabin only add to the appeal.

But the real success of the Taycan is how well it translates that Porsche ‘feel’ to an EV. Sure, there might not be the rousing sound of a flat-six engine behind you, but in all other areas, this car feels just as much like a Porsche as any other.

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