The Toyota GR GT3 Concept firms up plan for motorsport-bred mainstream models

Toyota has revealed a bespoke GT3 race car concept that demonstrates it’s serious about making ‘ever-better cars, bred from motorsport’.

Despite selling more cars each year than any other manufacturer thanks to an appealing range of efficient mainstream models, Toyota is doubling down on its commitment to making performance cars, too.

The Japanese firm is putting a big focus on its motorsport programme, with this GR GT3 Concept demonstrating its ‘driver-first’ vehicle development for customer motorsport. The move is undoubtedly being pushed by Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who races competitively himself.

Typically, companies adapt road cars for motorsport, but Toyota plans to build motorsport-focused cars that can later be homologated for road use – this approach is more commonly associated with niche and exotic car makers.

Photos: PA Media

Technological advancements made while building these vehicles can then influence more mainstream models and make them better to drive, safer or more efficient.

Toyota’s factory motorsport division is called Gazoo Racing, and in recent years the firm’s road-going performance models have worn GR badges. The Yaris GRMN, a road-going homologation of a rally car that ultimately never saw competition, has won many awards from the motoring press.

Building on its reputation, a new limited-edition version is going on sale in Japan. Just 500 examples will be made, sporting a 20kg weight reduction, a 10mm increase in width to improve aerodynamic performance, and a 10mm drop in ride height to lower the centre of gravity.

Customers will be selected through a reservation lottery.

Finally, Toyota’s first bespoke electric vehicle has been given a GR makeover. The bZ4X GR Sport Concept gets larger-diameter tyres, sports seats and matte black exterior body panels.

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