Aston Martin gives glimpse of upcoming V12 Vantage

Powerful model is due to arrive in 2022

Aston Martin has given a sneak peek at its upcoming V12 Vantage.

The British manufacturer recently confirmed that the V12 engine would be making one final return to the Vantage in 2022, initially releasing a sound of the engine being revved aggressively.

Now, Aston Martin has revealed an initial look at the V12 Vantage alongside its predecessors. The image is clear enough to see a revised front end with a large grille and a reworked splitter. The enlarged grille is no doubt fitted to help cool the large engine sitting underneath the bonnet.

This generation of Vantage – first introduced in 2018 – will be replaced in 2025 by a fully electric model, according to CEO Tobias Moers. The original V8 Vantage went on sale in 2005, with a V12-powered model joining the ranks in 2009. However, the engine was left out of the current Vantage line-up when it was initially released.

Though performance and power figures have yet to be announced, it’s expected that the V12 Vantage will pack a serious amount of horsepower. The Vantage’s DB11 stablemate also incorporates a V12 engine with 630bhp and a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds. If the Vantage gains a similar amount of performance, it’ll manage the 0-60mph sprint even quicker owing to its lighter weight.

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