These are the classic cars shooting up in value now

The classic car world is a volatile one, that’s for sure. Though firm favourites like the Porsche 911 and BMW E30 3 Series continue to hold their values, we’ve recently seen huge increases in the prices of some slightly more ordinary vehicles.

It’s a reflection of the wider used car market, which is consistently on the rise as demand continues to spike. We’ve picked out some of the cars that are currently spiking in price – and they might not be the ones you expect.

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Ford Focus RS (first generation)

Ford’s first-generation Focus really broke the mould for family hatchbacks, bringing quirky styling but – most importantly – a driving experience that outshone all of its competitors. Needless to say, it was expected that a performance-orientated version would deliver and, in the RS, it did.

With a punchy 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine mated to a five-speed gearbox, the RS was a truly exciting road car. Though initially a relatively low-cost car to buy, prices have recently skyrocketed.

Jeep Cherokee

Big, boxy SUVs are very much in fashion at the moment and the second-generation Jeep Cherokee – known as the XJ – is very much on-trend. Though its on-road manners might leave a little to be desired, it’s hard not to be charmed by the way the Jeep looks.

Nissan Skyline (R34)

Japanese classics are experiencing a real boom across the board, with those who grew up with these iconic models on their bedroom walls now venturing into the used market to buy their childhood heroes.

The R34 Nissan Skyline is easily one of the most iconic. Though most examples will cost a hefty sum, limited-edition versions or those with low miles are the more expensive.

Volvo 940

There was a period – not too long ago, in fact – when Volvo’s big, bargy estate and saloon cars could be picked up for mere hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. These days, a classic Volvo will set you back a considerable chunk of cash – and they’re only getting more expensive. The 940 is a classic slice of Volvo which is on the rise in terms of price.

Fiat Panda

Who would’ve thought that the dinky little Panda would’ve reached such a cult status? It’s fair to say that many Pandas fell by the wayside due to their tendency to rust, but the ones that have remained now command a real premium.

Though a ratty ‘project’ car might be available for a few hundreds, you’re looking in the region of thousands for a decent version – and these prices are only heading north.

Volkswagen Golf MK2

Volkswagen’s tiny first-generation Golf has already hit very heady heights in terms of prices and now it’s the turn of the MK2. The slightly chunkier model has a real following across the UK – particularly the GTI version – though even more regular models are seeing an increase in popularity.

Audi 80

As we’ve already highlighted, even more run-of-the-mill cars are being snapped up by buyers. Take the Audi 80. Though it was once a premium option, prices quickly tumbled but, in recent years, they’ve steadily started to climb.

The 80 Avant – or estate – continues to prove popular alongside saloon, convertible and coupe variants.

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