Coachbuilt Radford Type 62-2 revealed with Lotus engineering

Radford has revealed its first new model, with the Type 62-2 reviving classic luxury coachbuilding techniques.

The company is backed by former Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button and television presenter Ant Anstead. It draws inspiration from the legendary British coachbuilding company of the same name, which had numerous celebrity clientele including all four Beatles.

The first car to be built in its new era comes from a collaboration with British sports car maker Lotus. The car’s design is inspired by the Lotus Type 62 of the 1960s, but uses modern construction techniques while retaining an old school mechanical feel.

Its styling includes details such as flared wheel arches, side air intakes, double rear ducktails and doors that cut into the roofline. The car is incredibly low, too, sitting close to the ground with a roof reaching just 1.13m high.

It has a sleek design without wings and spoilers, which has been achieved through a flat underbody and diffuser to create downforce, leaving the car’s bodywork largely uninterrupted.

There will be two versions of the Type 62, with the Classic having subtle design nods to the original Lotus that didn’t have wings, as well as a Gold Leaf that pays homage to the motorsport version.

Photos: PA Media

The car is said to be engaging to drive both on road and track, featuring Lotus technologies in its construction and being set up by Button himself. It makes 430bhp from its mid-mounted 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine, and is targeting a one-tonne weight.

Button said: “The sound of the Type 62-2 even at idle is something really special. But when you begin to explore the rev range further up, it becomes incredible, raising the hairs on the back of your neck and putting a big smile on your face.

“However, the unique thing about this engine is that we’ve kept it pure, no exhaust valves, no trickery of any kind – what you hear is uncorrupted and utterly authentic – just like every single element of the driving experience.”

Radford is currently taking applications for build slots, with just 62 set to be built. It is promising a luxurious interior, which will be revealed at a later date.

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