The Audi Skysphere concept is a self-driving electric roadster

Audi has revealed a new concept car called Skysphere, which previews the firm’s future design direction for the luxury sector.

It’s a two-door convertible with an electric powertrain, but what makes this a fanciful concept car is its ‘variable wheelbase’. This means that mechanisms can increase the distance between the front and rear wheels to create more space for long distance comfort, or reduce it for sporty agility.

At the touch of a button the driver can switch between the two drive modes, with the smaller, sportier version being driven like a traditional vehicle with a steering wheel and foot pedals. The Skysphere also has rear wheel steering, which improves its cornering agility and high-speed stability.

However, switch to the GT mode and the wheel and pedals move into a hidden recess, which coupled with the increased wheelbase, makes the cabin much roomier and more comfortable.

Photos: PA Media

In this mode, the car has full self-driving capabilities and can take passengers to their destination autonomously. Once at the destination, the car can go and park itself or find somewhere to charge.

The electric powertrain uses a single motor on the rear wheels, providing 614bhp and 750Nm of torque and can go from 0-60mph in under four seconds. The battery capacity is 80kWh, which Audi believes will provide a range of about 310 miles.

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