Bugatti Chiron Super Sport revealed

Bugatti has revealed the Chiron Super Sport, a faster, more luxurious version of its already incredible hypercar.

The Super Sport has been designed with the aim of ‘combining top speed with absolute luxury’, according to Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann.

It’s fair to say this has been achieved, with the new model having a huge top speed of 273mph.

This has been achieved through various updates, including a new low drag body that also generates enough downforce to keep the car stable at high speeds. For example, it’s 25cm longer so the bodywork can have an effect on the air for longer, while the rear diffuser has been made larger.

Updates to the chassis include more direct steering and stiffer suspension springs, as well as retuned electronics.

Photos: PA Media

Unsurprisingly, the engine has also been given a thorough going over to extract more performance and increase speed. The 8.0-litre W16 unit has about 100bhp more than in the regular Chiron, taking its output to an astonishing 1,578bhp.

This was achieved through modifications to the turbochargers, oil pump and cylinder head to name a few.

Coupled with the all-wheel-drive system helping put that power into the road, the Super Sport is able to go from 0-124mph in 5.8 seconds, while 186mph comes up in just 12.1 seconds.

Winkelmann said: “The Chiron Super Sport stands for increased comfort and elegance coupled with even greater performance and higher speeds. With this new creation, we established another distinct personality within the Chiron family. It is the essence of what we learned and developed in recent years – the ultimate grand tourer.”

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