Everrati electric Porsche 911 brings plug-in performance

EV powertrain specialist Everrati has released a new flagship electric Porsche 911.

Revealed today, the model is based upon a fully restored 1991 Porsche 911 964. However, a range of carbon fibre elements help to drive down the car’s weight, while the electric powertrain delivers a range of more than 150 miles between charges and a 0-60mph time of under four seconds.

Evverati sources an accident-free example of a Porsche 911 to commence the restoration and modification. Each car is disassembled back to its bare chassis, with the bodywork, powertrain and interior all removed.

Photos: PA Media

The wide body is crafted by replacing the steel wings and bonnet with custom carbon fibre parts. The lightweight material is also used for the doors, though these are reinforced with steel for improved side impact protection.

At the heart of the car sits an electric motor with 500bhp linked to a 53kWh battery pack. The powertrain develops more than double the power output of the original Porsche 964, with all 500Nm of torque being sent directly to the rear wheels.

Everrati says that using a DC fast charger will enable the battery to be taken from 10 to 100 per cent in ‘less than an hour’.

All of the car’s major chassis components are either restored or replaced, with customers offered a choice of two suspension settings. The first – a standard setup – features fully adjustable coilovers and dampers, while an optional version adds adaptive dampers which can be configured via a touchscreen in the cabin.

The Porsche also features a range of high-end features such as a full touchscreen with navigation and Apple CarPlay, while all of the car’s traditional gauges are replaced with EV readouts.

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