MG reveals first detailed photos of Cyberster sports car concept

MG has shared the first studio images of its forthcoming electric sports car concept.

Called Cyberster, it’s a two-door, two-seat convertible that draws styling inspiration from classic MG sports cars such as the MGB Roadster.

However, despite its inspiration from the past, it’s designed to usher in a new era of technology for the British-based, Chinese-owned firm.

For example, it will be 5G-enabled and have an ‘interactive gaming cockpit’ – though there are currently no details about what that means, looking at these new photos it’s likely it will be able to display other cars on the road around the sports car, powered by gaming software.

We’ve become used to modern concept cars being close to production models, but the Cyberster’s styling is a long way from anything that could be production ready. For example, it has a wild front grille that has a wired mesh appearance, while the huge wheels fill the arches perfectly and the body work sits incredibly close to the ground.

Photos: PA Media

It has extensive lighting, with an LED strip that follows the outline of the car into the rear LED tail lights that project a digital image.

The interior is a pure concept car, with the driver and passenger separated by the centre console, which has a second LED screen that displays the more ‘interactive’ features. There also appear to be digital wing mirrors, with the view behind displayed within the instrument cluster ahead of the driver.

The powertrain is an electric unit that gives a sub-three-second 0-60mph time, while the battery is said to provide up to 500 miles of range.

Carl Gotham, director of SAIC Design Advanced London, MG’s design studio that developed the project, said: “The Cyberster is a bold statement that looks strongly into MG’s future, touching on our heritage but more importantly building on our technology and advanced design.

“Cyberster is a hugely exciting concept for us.”

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