Volkswagen’s upcoming Amarok teased in new sketch

Volkswagen has given a hint as to what its upcoming Amarok successor will look like in a new drawing.

Showcased as part of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ annual conference, the new pick-up truck – which is expected to arrive on the market next year – will be jointly developed with Ford, following the pair’s alliance that was announced in 2019.

The sketch showcases a completely new look for the truck, with an imposing front end utilising a large grille section that blends into the headlights. Much like the older Amarok, the new version incorporates body-coloured wheel arches and tubular sections in the rear bed.

The Volkswagen logo is prominent at the front of the car too, while orange has been used to highlight areas such as the front towing eye.

It’s expected that this new Amarok will share its underpinnings with the upcoming Ford Ranger, helping drive down the price of both through economies of scale. It’s set to be manufactured at Ford’s plant in Silverton, South Africa, too.

The current-generation Amarok has proved to be a huge hit for Volkswagen. Delivering a driving experience that is far more refined than you’d find with a traditional pick-up, the Amarok is helped by a powerful turbocharged V6 diesel engine which allows it to out-pace much of its competition.

It isn’t certain what type of engine will power the next-generation Amarok, though given its predecessor’s reputation for performance it’s likely that it’ll deliver a good amount of power and torque.

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