Morgan’s Plus 8 GTR takes inspiration from firm’s racing heritage

Morgan has announced that it will be producing a new special edition model – the Plus 8 GTR – which harks back to the Malvern-based firm’s racing history.

Limited to just nine examples and arriving as the first of several new special projects kick-starting this year, the GTR is based on the firm’s Plus 8 which was discontinued in 2018.

Morgan has been able to create these models thanks to a rolling chassis from an uncompleted external project, while all nine completed cars will be based on unused, recommissioned chassis and powertrains.

The exterior design of the GTR features five-spoke centre-lock wheels – just like those found on Morgan’s race cars of the 1990s – while the rear end, front wings and front splitter have been redesigned too. A hardtop has been fitted, covering the car’s usually open-air cockpit.

All cars are set to be handcrafted but rather than being completed at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory, will instead be created at the firm’s nearby Design and Engineering Centre. The GTR project will run alongside other special initiatives which are set to be announced throughout this year.

All Plus 8 models are underpinned by bonded aluminium chassis, while drive will come from a BMW-sourced 4.8-litre V8. While the original Plus 8 produced 362bhp, Morgan says that the GTR’s output is ‘yet to be finalised’ – which suggests that the final version could produce far more power than standard. It’ll be offered with the choice of either a six-speed manual or ZF six-speed automatic.

Production for the Plus 8 GTR is set to commence this summer, with each customer invited to commission their bespoke car with the help of Morgan’s design team.

Photos: PA Media
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