MV Agusta updates Dragster RR for 2021

MV Agusta has announced a revised version of its Dragster RR motorcycle.

The performance motorcycle has been given a variety of upgrades, applied to areas such as the engine, chassis and gearbox.

The engine has had updates to make it meet Euro5 standards, with higher pressure injectors ensuring the unit runs more smoothly, while a redesigned exhaust has been fitted too. This is combined with a new clutch and a revised quickshifter, while MV Agusta’s auto-clutch can also be fitted as an option.

Dragster RR motorcycle. Photos: PA Media

Total power for the engine stands at 138bhp, with MV Agusta quoting a top speed of 151.6mph.

A variety of bronze-coloured elements brighten up an otherwise dark exterior, while a black frame helps to extend the Dragster’s stealthy appearance.

The linkage for the rear suspension has been changed to elevate the bike’s comfort levels, while new side plates for the frame make it stiffer than before. The front suspension has also been retuned to tie in with the rest of the updates.

The throttle has been sharpened up too, while a new lean-sensitive traction control system has been incorporated alongside cornering ABS for an added sense of security when going through the bends. A central 5.5-inch TFT screen gives the rider access to all key information and it can be paired with a smartphone to help provide navigation instructions too.

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