Kia will launch seven new electric vehicles by 2027

Kia has completed its brand overhaul by announcing its long-term plan for the future, which will include seven new electric vehicles going on sale by 2027.

The South Korean firm recently unveiled its new, modernised logo and has today confirmed its corporate arm will officially be known as ‘Kia’ – rather than ‘Kia Motors’ – going forward.

The name change is part of its plan to move away from a traditional manufacturing-driven business model to create ‘innovative mobility products and services to improve customers’ daily lives’.

Part of this is a focus on ‘popularising battery electric vehicles’, which will see it introduce seven electric models within the next six years. These will include passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs of various shapes and sizes, using Hyundai Motor Group’s new EV platform to provide a long range and fast charging.

The first of this new generation of EVs will be revealed soon, with a crossover body style and more than 300 miles of range.

Kia is also working on electric commercials with third-parties, including EV specialists Canoo and Arrival. The plan is to produce ‘skateboards’, which are essentially electric vehicle platforms that can have different body styles placed on top of them to create vehicles specific to a company’s needs. Kia points to logistics and delivery vehicles as key customers for this.

Ho Sung Song, Kia president, said: “Changing our corporate name and logo is not only a cosmetic improvement. It represents us expanding our horizons and establishing new and emerging businesses that meet and exceed the diverse needs of our customers worldwide. More importantly, it also means adapting our working culture, enabling the creativity of all our employees and establishing an inspiring work environment.”

Photos: PA Media
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