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Honda updates 2020 CRF range with a variety of new features

Honda has extensively updated its CRF range of off-road and trail motorcycles.

The changes include boosts in power, bolstered chassis components and a variety of new colours for customers to choose from.

Road-going CRF250L, 450L and CRF250 Rally models get updated colours and a new ‘Stealth’ black shade.

The CRF250L and CRF250 Rally use the same 250cc engine, though the Rally sits higher up than the L model, making it better suited to off-road trips and more broken terrain.

“Also revised its more
off-road-focused selection”

The more road-orientated CRF250L is described by Honda as a ‘dual purpose’ motorcycle, capable of dealing with short off-road jaunts just as easily as commuting. The new model is available in the previously-mentioned stealth black colour scheme, as well as the regular Extreme Red shade.

Honda has also revised its more off-road-focused selection, with the CRF250R getting a range of upgrades trickled down from the larger CRF450R.

It sees an eight per cent increase in peak power and torque thanks to upgraded cylinder heads and a revised piston design, while second gear has been refined and low friction coatings have been added to third and fourth.

Honda has also reduced the weight of the swingarm and frame, and helped improve stability by improving the chassis’ flex. The CRF450RX has also been updated, with an all-new electronics package, helping it to maintain its off-road ability, despite having been on sale since 2017.

Photos: PA Media
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